Ever grateful for the dedication of Cancer researchers, Sarah founded a program that promotes Notes to Researchers to show appreciation and encouragement. She gave much to many but never gave up. The Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation will continue the Notes to Researchers program in her honor. At Sarah's request, continue to show appreciation to the researchers and make sure their hard work does not go unnoticed.


Those affected by cancer have many opportunities to build relationships with and give thanks to their doctors, nurses and other members of their medical team. Our lives also depend on the hard work, skill and dedication of many people we have never met---cancer researchers. Patients often do not get the opportunity to thank the research staff who work every day to create life-saving treatments. Research staff members do not often get to see the personal impact of their work. Notes to Researchers is an opportunity to make these connections and build a community between researchers and those affected by cancer---one note at a time.



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