About the Founder,

Sarah Guy

Sarah Guy was diagnosed with stage IIIc low-grade ovarian cancer in March 2011. In 2002, during her senior year of college, to fill the void of structure that she anticipated she would encounter after graduation, Sarah created a life mission: increase joy and alleviate suffering. After moving around for a few years, living in new cities, and trying out different jobs and fields of work, she added to her mission: do what I can to ensure that people feel free to be themselves around me. This mission has served her well on a daily basis. Sarah created Notes to Researchers as an opportunity for those affected by cancer have many opportunities to build relationships with and give thanks to their doctors, nurses, and other members of their medical team. Oftentimes, however, patients do not get to meet or thank the research staff who work every day to create live-saving treatments. At the same time, research staff members do not often get to see the personal impact of their work. Notes to Researchers is an opportunity to make these connections -- one note at a time. Sarah passed away on November 29, 2015. Please join us to continue her legacy of helping others.











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